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Treasure Coast Bullion Group (TCBG)

is a principal precious metals broker committed to making precious metals ownership fast, easy and rewarding both short-term and long-term. Since 2007, we’ve helped customers consider physical precious metals as an investment. The gold industry has gone through many changes over the years. Companies have come and gone, prices have risen and fallen, and through it all TCBG has remained a strong partner for people looking to get the most out of their bullion and coin investments. Though there are a lot of options out there for precious metals buyers, it’s our goal to make the choice simple and clear. Our mission is to provide the best value and service available to our clients.

TCBG offers a full catalog of both gold, silver platinum and palladium products. We keep our product catalog simple and consistent, thus ensuring we always maintain a sufficient inventory of each product and never confuse a customer with several variations of the same product. To learn more about our product offerings as well as the authenticity of our products, visit our Products Page.

We are also members of the Industry Council of Tangible Assets (ICTA) since 2007. ICTA is the national trade association for all who have an interest in precious metals, rare coins, US and foreign currency, and other numismatic and tangible assets.

Our customer service has been and will continue to be a priority. Should you have a question about prospective orders, orders in processing, or completed orders, simply contact our phone support, email support, or visit our Contact page.

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